Hello and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Jerry Hall. I am a drummer, percussionist and entertainer.  Since the age of 5, I have been enthralled with the drums. Growing up in the metro Detroit area has enabled me to experience a vast culture of music. I have been blessed to have so many people to study and mentor from with such diverse backgrounds. I still live in the metro Detroit area and draw inspiration from the surrounding people.  Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Country, Orchestra, Blues, Gospel, and World Music. Yes, I have been exposed to all of these genres of music.

       I started my music education when I was in elementary school. Through the years, I studied orchestra, jazz, pop and blues. After high school, I found myself involved mostly with rock, hard rock and blues groups. During that time, I started branching out with many other artists that were involved in various genres of music. This led me to my experiences with country, gospel and world music. 

       From a 30 seat coffee house to a 3000 seat auditorium, from your backyard to a wedding dance floor and from your basement studio to a multi-platinum producing studio, I am the drummer for all of your entertainment needs. I am a true artist; one with no boundaries. 

       Welcome to my website. Take a deep breath, look around and enjoy. I hope to be talking to you soon. 

       May God’s peace be upon you and all that you do. 

                                         Jerry Hall

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